Anglo For Your Ear: Steps’ “Stomp”

There’s good pop (Robyn, Girls Aloud, Pet Shop Boys, etc.), and then there’s really sh*tty pop, which can be kinda good if it’s really sh*tty. In the world of crappy pop bands, pre-fab ABBA wannabes Steps were pure methane-producing dung. The dance routines were laughable, the songs were insipid, and the hairdos…well they simply were ghastly. (Singer Faye Tozer has grounds for a lawsuit for the greasy braids she’s saddled with in the above video.)

Which means they were delicious camp. But, in 2001, they shocked people with an album that wasn’t half-bad and produced a No. 1 single with the disco tune, “Stomp.” Yes, the dancing is horrible in the video – they even do that little arm-rolling move unironically – but the song’s so infectious that you’ll be too busy groovin’ to notice.

Steps - Best of Steps - Stomp Download Steps’ “Stomp”

Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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