Talking Movies: Sex and the City – The Movie Arrives

Tom Brook, our resident British celebrity journalist and host of’s Talking Movies, got a chance to sit down with Sarah Jessica Parker about the Sex and the City movie. As he tells us, he also had an opportunity to meet with the show’s fervent fans here in New York City (many of whom nearly rioted when they couldn’t get into the film’s premiere at Radio City this week).

Tom says: “Sex and the City was one of the defining tv series of the last decade with a passionate following. It went off the air in 2004 – and now four years later comes the Sex and The City movie – one of the most eagerly awaited events in cinema this year. The studio is trying to keep the plot under wraps – I was told by Sarah Jessica Parker that I could brag about this picture but not blog about it. Well I’m restraining myself!

“Anyway, I sat down to talk to the star about her film a few days ago – but I also thought I’d try to find out what die-hard Sex and the City fans were likely to make of the movie – so I hopped on a special Sex and the City tour bus on Fifth Avenue to meet some fanatical fans.”

Watch the video after the jump:

Watch more of Tom’s interview with Sarah Jessica Parker.

Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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