Noel Gallagher’s Anti-Jay-Z Comments Ripple Through the Media

  • Noel Gallagher‘s comments about Jay-Z have triggered a healthy backlash. The Guardian‘s Dan Hancox gets to the heart of the matter: “What did Gallagher mean when he (inaccurately) lauded Glastonbury’s ‘tradition of guitar music’? I don’t recall him complaining about such recent headliners as Bjork, The Chemical Brothers, Moby, or Basement Jaxx. Apparently Kylie is also fine, curve ball though she may be. Gallagher’s anti-hip-hop prejudice is typical of a small-minded indie-rock mentality. And, without deigning to link to them, it is worth mentioning that the BNP’s message board members are pretty pleased about Gallagher’s ill-informed rant.”
  • An editor of a British hip-hop magazine calls Noel Gallagher “a pampered has-been.” (Digital Spy)
  • Glastonbury organizer Emily Eavis (daughter of Michael) stands behind inviting Jay-Z to the festival, calling him “the greatest living hip-hop artist.”(Gigwise)
  • Paul Weller is a peacekeeper in the Blur/Oasis war.(BBC)
  • Bryan Ferry‘s son Otis has been charged with robbery and assault for snatching camera equipment away from two women, according to BBC NEWS. You may recall that Otis Ferry was cleared of criminal charges for allegedly stealing car keys from paparazzi who were chasing his friend, actress Sienna Miller.
  • Reuters notes the stunning chart debut of Radiohead‘s single “Nude.” It entered the chart at No. 37 on the strength of digital downloads fueled by a fan remix competition. The chart success hasn’t translated into radio airplay, however: “It is being played on only three of the 1,289 stations monitored by Nielsen BDS, and received just 6 plays during the April 4-April 10 tracking period.”
  • Orange panelists have revealed why Lily Allen was removed as a judge: “Life got in the way,” Orange chairman Kirsty Lang told The Times. “She lost a baby, her boyfriend left her and she was launching a new television show. She was under a hell of a lot of pressure. She found the pressure of judging a major book prize on top of everything else too much.” Meanwhile, here’s this year’s shortlist.
  • Will Leona Lewis‘s Spirit rise to the top of Billboard’s album chart?(Mirror)
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