Mr. Madonna: Is Ritchie a Tough Guy or a Kept Man?

  • The Times takes a look at Guy Ritchie a.k.a. “Mr. Madonna“: “At 39, he can enjoy the home in Beverly Hills, the apartment in New York, and the estate in Wiltshire, where he engages in the country pursuits beloved of the land-owning classes, and takes his wife to the pub. What everyone wants to know is what it’s like to be Mr. Madonna and his most revealing response has been that they split the household bills. Too proud to be a kept man then, which perhaps explains why he likes to be seen as tough and manly.”
  • That’s a whole lotta blow: Amy Winehouse is worth approximately $20 million, landing her on this year’s Sunday Times Rich List. It’s too bad that she may soon be counting her money from the local pen: she was arrested today for assault.
  • Adele responds to Estelle‘s criticism of her for lacking “soul”: “I really don’t care. If Lauryn Hill had said that about me, I’d be very bovvered.”(Telegraph)
  • Twenty years ago, I might have cheered this news – “Sussudio” is one of the great abominations of pop music – but today’s revelation that Phil Collins is retiring has me feeling a little choked up.(The Times)
  • Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are seen in public together. You know, like a normal married couple.(Daily Mail)
  • David Beckham performs a “striptease” on Ellen Degeneres‘ talk show.
    (The Sun)
  • Top Gear host Richard Hammond is in talks to start his own chat show.(Daily Mail)
  • Little Britain stars Matt Lucas and David Walliams reveal a couple of new characters that will be featured on the HBO version of their sketch show: “New characters include schoolgirl Ellie Grace which sees Lucas slip into another dress along with Walliams who plays her mum,” reports The Daily Mail. “While other new characters have yet to be revealed, die-hard fans of the past three series will not be disappointed by the fourth. They can expect to see the return of Daffyd ‘only gay in the village’ Thomas, camp Prime Minister’s aide Sebastian Love, and Asbo teen Vicky Pollard.”
  • Being Human, a one-off drama about “the lives of a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost who share a flat,” has been commissioned for a full series by the BBC. This excites Mark Wright, TV writer for The Stage: “I am so pleased about this. Being Human has been one of the few dramas this year, outside The Fixer and He Kills Coppers, to engage me as a viewer. The notion of a flat share between a trio of supernatural creatures almost seems a little obvious, but [Toby] Whithouse‘s pilot script pulled it off with some style and originality. It was also blessed with some great performances, particularly Russell Tovey as reluctant werewolf George and Andrea Riseborough as sweet-natured ghost Annie.”
Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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