Anglo For Your Ear: David Essex’s “Rock On”

Not content to just be a hot sexy man, DavidEssex put out this very forward-thinking pop songin 1973. “Rock On” contains multi-tracked vocals and layers of distortion and effects that are almost hip-hop in their complexity. A year after its UK release, the single became an American smash, hitting No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Hilariously, Michael Damian, better known as DannyRomalotti on the CBS soap The Young and theRestless, remade this song in 1989. Oddly,this hair-metal cover sounds way more dated than theoriginal. Plus, it’s Michael Damian, so he’s tryinghard to be cool while Essex makes it look effortless. (Nonetheless, Damian’s cover was a No. 1 hit. Never underestimate those Danny and Cricket fans, I guess.)

While watching this clip, notice how Mr. Essex, who’sstanding on a platform in the middle of the crowd,dances around with his mike stand, almost clockingseveral audience members in the face in the process.

Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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