Rick Astley Understands The “Irony” Behind The “Rickroll”

  • Has-been-turned-Internet-icon Rick Astley finally comments on the “Rickrolling” phenomenon in today’s LA Times. The “Rickroll” is an online fakeout in which bloggers present a link to something salacious – like a Lindsay Lohan sex tape – which instead re-directs to the “Never Gonna Give You Up” video on YouTube, bouffant, big sunglasses, and all. “If this had happened around some kind of rock song, with a lyric that really meant something – a Bruce Springsteen, “God bless America” … or an anti-something kind of song, I could kind of understand that,” Astley said. “But for something as, and I don’t mean to belittle it, because I still think it’s a great pop song, but it’s a pop song; do you know what I mean? It doesn’t have any kind of weight behind it, as such. But maybe that’s the irony of it.”
  • Charles and Camilla meet the Sarkozys.(The Sun)
  • So sad to see you fade away: Amy Winehouse‘s scabby face, uncomfortably close and personal. (The Sun)
  • Victoria Beckham wears her leather for the weather. A bit tight around the fanny, no? This from a woman who hates “men’s bulges.” (Daily Mail)
  • Wouldn’t mind being a witness to that makeout session: feuding R&B hunks Craig David and Jay Sean “have kissed and made up.”(Mirror)
  • Peter Andre‘s gonna fly now.(Daily Mail)
  • Danielle Lloyd, a.k.a. Jade Goody but pretty, was ejected from a club after brawling with a girl who claims she slept with Danielle’s ex.(Daily Mail)
  • Heather Mills wants to prove Paul McCartney is worth twice as much as he admitted in court.(Telegraph)
  • Britain’s former First Lady, Cherie Booth Blair, will host a series on street crime in the UK.(Variety)
Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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