Princess Eugenie Goes Glam For Her 18th Birthday

  • Princess Eugenie, daughter of Fergie, gets a (heavily airbrushed) glamour shot and talks to The Daily Telegraph about her close-knit family: “Mummy, Bea and I call ourselves ‘the Tripod’ – they are my best friends in the world.” I knew a guy once who was nicknamed “The Tripod.” If I recall correctly, he was quite popular but walked with a limp.
  • Last night’s 20/20: The Royal Family special was a huge hit for ABC, scoring 14.2 million viewers.(Hollywood Reporter)
  • Victoria Beckham goes “un-glam” to shop at Target. (Daily Mail)
  • The Daily Mail (link NSFW) clutches the pearls over British soldiers exposing their bits for a bit of fun in a bar. “Eight British Commandos have been flown home in disgrace for stripping naked and engaging in appalling behaviour in a Norwegian bar during an Arctic training exercise. The men disgusted onlookers in the town of Harstad with a drunken game of ‘naked bar.’…’Naked Bar’ is a popular drinking game in many units across the British armed forces. The rules are simple – participants immediately remove all clothing – and the game is usually tolerated among high-spirited troops when it is played well away from the public gaze.” Hmmm, sounds fun. If American soldiers engaged in such behavior, I’d be much more supportive of our military. And if this scenario doesn’t sound enough like the set-up for a gay porn, it appears that the British soldiers love their watersports. “The soldiers began urinating on one of their party who had slumped drunkenly to the floor, splashing urine over the bar’s furniture and other customers.”
  • Gym culture is on the wane in Britain, according to The Times: “Five years ago, when gyms and health clubs were at the peak of their popularity, 8.7 million of us in Britain were members. But statistics from the accountancy firm Deloitte reveal that 54,000 fewer people took out gym membership during 2007 than they had 18 months previously.”
  • Keeley Hawes‘ curly locks on Ashes To Ashes have inspired The Sun to look back on the ’80s poofiest perms.
  • Upstart model Agyness Deyn has toppled Kate Moss on the best-dressed list.(Telegraph)
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Kevin Wicks

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