Monthly Archives: March 2008

Is The Bitter Hatred For Heather Mills Misogynistic?

Is our Heather Mills hate misogynistic? The Guardian‘s Kira Cochrane thinks so: “Indeed, over the past few years, since her initial split from Paul McCartney, every nasty, misogynist epithet available has been thrown at …

David Mitchell, Robert Webb, Top Gear Win RTS Awards

The stars of That Mitchell and Webb Look, comedians David Mitchell and Robert Webb, have won a shared Royal Television Society award for Best Comedy Performance. The honor was for their edgy work in the series Peep Show.

Paul McCartney’s Lawyer Is a Hot, Sexy Babe

Heather Mills thought she’d had the last laugh when she poured that jug of water over the head of Fiona Shackleton, Paul McCartney‘s lawyer. Her little trick backfired, according to The Daily Telegraph‘s Celia Walden: …

Bryan Adams: My Song Will Save Amy Winehouse

Bryan Adams has allegedly one-upped Keith Richards in the “Save Amy Winehouse” sweepstakes: he has written a song about her. The Mirror reports that the rocker has embarked on an “unlikely friendship” with …

Heather Mills: Pride Comes Before the Fall

I take one day off, and I miss the climax to a story I’ve been following for almost two years: Heather Mills and Sir Paul McCartney finally settled their divorce, with Mills garnering a Ł24.3 million settlement.