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  • Did Lily Allen‘s show have a “solid start”, or did it “fail to grab viewers”? Depends on your news source, apparently. Watch the promo. By the way, did you know Lily can fit her whole fist in her mouth? Talented girl. Don’t know how Ed Simons could walk away from that.

  • Chef Jamie Oliver is in hot water for promoting his own products on his TV show.(Guardian)
  • Lee Ryan, blue-eyed soul singer and former member of the boy band Blue, has been charged with beating up a cab driver on New Year’s Eve.(BBC)
  • Amy Winehouse has been sharing a hotel room with her new artist friend Blake Wood (a.k.a. Blake II) – justifying it by saying he’s gay. Yep, she trotted out the old “f*g hag” excuse. (The Sun)
  • Amy Winehouse’s brother Alex talks about his sis’ stint in rehab. The Sun‘s article contains a photo of Amy as a toothy little tyke.
  • The Daily Mail dances on the grave of Michelle Ryan‘s career.
  • After her divorce, Heather Mills plans to hightail it out of the UK “because everyone hates her there.”(The Sun)
  • Jamelia adds her two cents to the Heather Mills affair: “There’s no way she deserves any money Paul earned before he met her.”(Mirror)
  • Tilda Swinton‘s “ménage à trois” enthralls and appalls The Daily Mail for a second day straight.
  • The Sun has shots from Girls Aloud‘s shoot for the “Can’t Speak French” video. Setsiders say Cheryl Cole “couldn’t hide her heartache” over her marital problems with husband Ashley Cole.
  • Also: The Guardian wants to know why people overanalyze Girls Aloud lyrics.
  • David Bowie will guest on Scarlett Johansson‘s album.(NME)
  • The web premiere of Radiohead‘s video for “Videotape.”
  • There goes the neighborhood: Paris Hilton has moved onto Robbie Williams‘ street.(The Sun)
  • The TimesJames Christopher reviews Madonna‘s directorial debut, Filth and Wisdom, and gives it a generous three stars: “Madonna has done herself proud. Her film has an artistic ambition that has simply bypassed her husband, the film director Guy Ritchie. She captures that wonderfully accidental nature of luck when people’s lives intersect for a whole swathe of unlikely but cherishable reasons.”
  • Madge lets her grey hairs show.(Daily Mail)
  • Outside of the money and the privilege, it must suck to be a prince. Princes William and Harry get in trouble even if they’re only in the vicinity of someone actin’ a fool. (Daily Mail)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.