Anglo For Your Ear: Melanie C’s “I Turn To You”

Well, she is the Talented Spice Girl, the only one with a significant solo career. This 2000 song, her biggest international hit, is included alongside Madison Avenue's "Don't Call Me Baby" and Sonique's "Feels So Good" in those dance compilations you see commercials for on late-night TV. Its insistent techno pulse is perfect for those meth-infused nights at the circuit party. This video is unfortunately not very flattering to Ms. C; the singer looks like one of those trashy, bleached-blonde party girls from high school. You know, the ones who overuse their hair crimpers, dress too revealingly for their body types, and are considered marginally attractive because they have money and hang out with the popular kids. Yeah, that's who she looks like in this video. Label this one a "bad peroxide moment."

Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks founded's Anglophenia blog back in 2005 and has been translating British culture for an American audience ever since. While not British himself - he was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri - he once received inordinate hospitality in London for sharing the name of a dead but beloved EastEnders character. His Anglophilia stems from a high school love of Morrissey, whom he calls his "gateway drug" into British culture.

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