Steve Coogan Is The King of Sundance

  • Steve Coogan‘s latest film, Hamlet 2, scored one of the biggest deals ever at Sundance. The satire about a high school drama teacher (Coogan) who stages “a controversial sequel to Shakespeare’s play” has been sold for $10 million to Focus Features. Guess Steve will be hanging around Hollywood a little longer, much to Courtney Love‘s chagrin, I’m sure.(Hollywood Reporter)
  • Emily Blunt, who is promoting two films at this year’s Sundance Festival, says she’s feeling “like [her character] in The Devil Wears Prada, on the verge of an anxiety attack coming here.”(Channel 4)
  • Blunt reveals her next role: “I’m about to do a kind of horror-drama with Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins called The Wolf Man.” Mark Romanek is set to direct.
  • Martine McCutcheon‘s career didn’t quite take off after Love Actually. She trots out the old scapegoat i.e. the treacherous L.A. mindset. “Los Angeles is just brutal. Even Cameron Diaz is old hat. Once you do three movies, you’re over. I can see why people like Kate Winslet have said they like spending time in the UK – Los Angeles just isn’t the real world.”(Digital Spy)
  • Senile or just callous?: while in London promoting The Bucket List, Jack Nicholson said “I warned him” when asked about Heath Ledger‘s death.(The Sun)
  • David Beckham performed a four-day “mercy mission” in Sierra Leone.(Mirror)
  • The president of the Los Angeles Galaxy says David Beckham’s staying put.
  • Kate Moss‘ new boyfriend, rocker Jamie Hince, says he modeled himself after Kate’s old boyfriend, Johnny Depp. I don’t really see it, but at least that’s a few steps up from her most recent ex, Pete Doherty.(Mirror)
  • Chortle honors the best in UK standup comedy with the 2008 Chortle Awards.
Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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