Monthly Archives: January 2008

Steve Coogan Is The King of Sundance

Steve Coogan‘s latest film, Hamlet 2, scored one of the biggest deals ever at Sundance. The satire about a high school drama teacher (Coogan) who stages “a controversial sequel to Shakespeare’s play” has been …

Anglo For Your Ear: Tasmin Archer’s “Sleeping Satellite”

“Sleeping Satellite,” Tasmin Archer‘s debut single, went to No. 1 in the UK in 1992 and was a moderate hit here in the States.

The Film Amy Winehouse May Not Live To Regret

Whether or not she has a drug problem, Amy Winehouse needs some new friends and fast. Back in October, her arrest in Norway on marijuana possession charges was the result of a tip-off from “a good source.

Julie Christie Will Show Up at The Oscars (If They Happen)

So the Oscar nominations were announced this morning, and, as expected, the great British hope, Atonement, was nominated for Best Picture. However, its two stars, James McAvoy and Keira Knightley, were omitted for the top acting …

Anglo For Your Ear: The Prodigy’s “Charly”

Long before they smacked their b***h up and made “psychosomatic addict insane” a catchphrase, The Prodigy were a straight-up, unapologetically druggy rave band. Their first major hit, 1991’s “Charly” …

Ian McKellen Blogs About His Late Apt Pupil Co-star, Brad Renfro

Sir Ian McKellen has written a blog post about his Apt Pupil co-star Brad Renfro, who died unexpectedly earlier this week at age 25. “I first caught sight of Brad Renfro when he was kicking a football around with Bryan Singer on …

Amy Winehouse To Become Reggae Queen For Her Next Album?

Amy Winehouse has a clear attraction to black music. Her first album, Frank, had strong jazz influences, and Back to Black dug deep into Motown and classic soul. Will she regale us with reggae for her next album?

Anglo For Your Ear: Cabaret Voltaire’s “Sensoria”

This Sheffield-based band were industrial and techno pioneers. 1984’s “Sensoria” seems to presage Nine Inch Nails‘s sexy mix of pop and hard-edged industrial.

British Movies Suck, Long Live British Movies!

Britain has 23 entries at this year’s Sundance. The Independent heralds this as a “new wave” of British filmmaking.

Daily Telegraph Writer on Morrissey: Why Do The Political Opinions of Pop Stars Matter?

The Daily Telegraph‘s Michael Deacon talks about Morrissey‘s “anti-immigration” comments in the NME. “Surely the opinions in themselves cannot have shocked the magazine; such views are, after all, hardly …