Monthly Archives: January 2008

Steve Coogan Is The King of Sundance

Steve Coogan‘s latest film, Hamlet 2, scored one of the biggest deals ever at Sundance. The satire about a high school drama teacher (Coogan) who stages “a controversial sequel to Shakespeare’s play” has been …

The Film Amy Winehouse May Not Live To Regret

Whether or not she has a drug problem, Amy Winehouse needs some new friends and fast. Back in October, her arrest in Norway on marijuana possession charges was the result of a tip-off from “a good source.

Anglo For Your Ear: The Prodigy’s “Charly”

Long before they smacked their b***h up and made “psychosomatic addict insane” a catchphrase, The Prodigy were a straight-up, unapologetically druggy rave band. Their first major hit, 1991’s “Charly” …