Monthly Archives: January 2008

Ashes To Ashes Story Began In the Life On Mars Finale, Exec Producer Reveals

The story for Ashes To Ashes was being set up in the Life On Mars finale, reveals producer Jane Featherstone in today’s Independent. Ashes To Ashes opens “in modern-day London, where Alex Drake has been investigating the …

Ashley Cole Scandal Takes An Ugly Turn

That story about Ashley Cole allegedly cheating on his wife Cheryl Cole took a very Footballers Wive$ twist over the weekend: Aimee Walton, the “other woman,” is now claiming she’s “pregnant” and says …

Anglo For Your Ear: Jimmy Nail’s “Ain’t No Doubt”

British actors-turned-singers have a much better track record of success than their American counterparts. (See Robson Green for the case-in-point.

Morrissey Un-Masked: A Roadie Speaks

Journalist Andrew Winters went undercover as a roadie on Morrissey’s last tour – and boy, does he have some stories to tell. No one will be surprised that the Moz is eccentric, a tad disdainful, radically vegetarian, and a …

Girls Aloud Singer Faces Adultery Scandal: Did Ashley Cheat on Cheryl?

Oh, drama. A woman has come forward claiming she had sex with footballer Ashley Cole, who is married to Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole.

Anglo For Your Ear: Glasvegas’ “Daddy’s Gone”

These folks hardly need me tooting their horn: they are one of the most hyped bands of 2008. Still, I love the big Phil Spector Wall of Sound force of “Daddy’s Gone.

Boy George: Amy Winehouse Reminds Me, Of, Well…Me!

Boy George says Amy Winehouse “reminds me of myself in the early days of Culture Club. She really inspired me to sing again. For me, the measure of a great singer is whether they make me cry.

Personal Assistant Claims She Saw Naomi Campbell and Heath Ledger Do Drugs

Anglo For Your Ear: The Yachts’ “Suffice To Say”

’70s power pop anyone? This Liverpudlian band never found mainstream success and has been largely forgotten in the 27 years since their split.

Video: Mark Ronson Denies He’s Romancing the Winehouse, Sounds Iffy on Grammy Performance

Even though I don’t always approve of Mark Ronson‘s work, I will admit he is usually quite dishy and dapper. Maybe The Mirror got him at a bad moment.