Ian McCulloch Reveals His Inner “Black Man”

  • Ian McCulloch, frontman of Echo and the Bunnymen, says he’s a”black soul singer in a white man’s underpants.” I bet you he can still get a cab in London…(Guardian)
  • The Sun has “never-before-seen footage” of Led Zeppelin performing “Communication Breakdown” at the Royal Albert Hall in 1970.
  • Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster had a “meningitis scare” with their two-year-old son Alastair. (Mirror)
  • Before they split, Paul McCartney and Heather Mills reportedly rowed “over his failure to stop drinking after being diagnosed with a heart murmur.”(Mirror)
  • Amy Winehouse is back in the UK and back to her old tricks. Who strips down to her bra in a crowded airport?(The Sun)
  • Atomic Kitten is back together – minus Kerry Katona.(The Sun)
  • Mel B. gives Victoria Beckham‘s melons a pinch.(The Sun)
  • The new Morcheeba album comes out next month in the UK.(NME)
  • NME staffers select their favorite tracks and albums of 2007.
  • Just Jared wonders if Alexa Chung, the rumored girlfriend of Arctic Monkeys singer Alex Turner, will become the next Sienna Miller. Hmm, I imagine she’ll have to start flashing her breasts a lot more.

Kevin Wicks

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