Monthly Archives: December 2007

Victoria Beckham: Boobs Out, Baby In?

After photos revealed Victoria Beckham sporting a significantly flatter bosom on The Spice Girls tour, word on the rumor mill is that she had her breast implants removed. A source tells The Daily Mail that Victoria “had her …

Anglo For Your Ear: The Jam’s “Beat Surrender”

This was No. 1 in the UK 25 years ago.

Yet Another Reason For Paul McCartney Fans To Hate Heather Mills?

Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills‘ divorce could throw a wrench in his U.S. tour plans.

Barenaked Ladies: Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley

Sienna Miller has won damages against The Sun and News of the World for publishing nude photos of her taken on the set of Hippie Hippie Shake.(BBC)

Anglo For Your Ear: The Who’s “I Can See For Miles”

A very psychedelic performance, apparently from a 1967 episode of The Smothers Brothers. I get high just watching it, for several reasons. Oh yea-aaah!

Update: Amy Winehouse Nominated For Six Grammys

Amy Winehouse is nominated for six Grammys, including nods in all the major Grammy categories: Album of the Year (Back to Black), Record of the Year (“Rehab”), Song of the Year (“Rehab”), and Best New Artist. …

Tim Roth: “I Think Britain Is a Disgusting Wreck of a Place…I Will Never Move Back There.”

Actor Tim Roth practically disowns his birth nation in The Times: “I’m not patriotic. I think my country is a disgusting wreck of a place…I will never move back there.

BBC Worldwide America Presents – Clash of the Choirs!

Now that Dancing With the Stars is on hiatus, where are you gonna get your fix of BBC-produced reality TV goodness? Fret no longer, telly fans: Auntie Beeb has a new treat for you.

Anglo For Your Ear: The Clash’s “Guns of Brixton”

The Clash song most likely to be bumping in someone’s car stereo in Compton. This track opens with the lyric, “When they kick out your front door/How you gonna come?

Ewan McGregor Earns Scathing Reviews for Othello

The reviews are in: Chiwetel Ejiofor rocks and Ewan McGregor sucks in the long-awaited West End production of Othello. The Daily Telegraph‘s Charles Spencer even calls McGregor, who plays Iago,”lifeless,” adding, …