Ewan McGregor Earns Scathing Reviews for Othello

  • The reviews are in: Chiwetel Ejiofor rocks and Ewan McGregor sucks in the long-awaited West End production of Othello. The Daily Telegraph‘s Charles Spencer even calls McGregor, who plays Iago,”lifeless,” adding, “He is static and dull, his only trick the occasional adoption of an implausible grin. I saw better performances than this in my cub reporter days covering local reps.” But take Spencer’s opinion with a grain of salt: he calls Nicole Kidman “pure theatrical Viagra.”
  • Charges have been dropped against Jonathan Rhys Meyers for his drink-addled meltdown at Dublin Airport.(BBC)
  • Awwww. Little Emma Watson is all-grows-up: Harry Potter‘s Hermione gets dressed up as a “’50s siren” for In Style magazine.(Daily Mail)
  • Sign of the apocalypse or, more likely, a sign that’s Jade Goody‘s an idiot: “Jade Goody failed to recognise U2 legend Bono in a pub – even though he knew who SHE was.”(The Sun)
  • A Gerard Butler/Naomi Campbell coupling is the main topic on the rumor mill these days.(The Sun)
  • Daniel Craig says he’s ready to go the whole hog in the next Bond: “I’d go totally nude. I’ve got nothing to hide, and after all, we ask the girls to reveal almost all, so why not the men?” By the way, The Sun refers to Craig as “the hunky 29-year-old.” Um, what?
  • To mark Prince Charles‘ 60th birthday in 2008, a photo exhibit at Windsor Castle will feature old photos, including one of the Prince of Wales as a teenager.(Mirror)
  • BBC has won a court battle over the “blashphemous” Jerry Springer opera, which screened on the network back in 2005.(BBC)
Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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