BBC Worldwide America Presents – Clash of the Choirs!

Now that Dancing With the Stars is on hiatus, where are you gonna get your fix of BBC-produced reality TV goodness? Fret no longer, telly fans: Auntie Beeb has a new treat for you. It’s called Clash of the Choirs, “a live four-night musical event” airing on NBC, starting Monday, December 17th. In the series, five music celebrities – Michael Bolton, Patti LaBelle, Nick Lachey, Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child, and Blake Shelton – return to their hometowns to assemble an amateur choir. Those five choirs will compete before a live TV audience for the title of “America’s Best Choir.”

The smart money’s on Patti, of course; she grew up in the church. But can she teach a group of Philadelphians how to kick off their high heels, roll around on the floor – and still caterwaul in key? Can Nick bring another reality-show trophy home to the Lachey family after his brother Drew‘s stunning second-season win on Dancing With the Stars? Will American audiences recognize Michael Bolton without his trademark mullet? These questions and others will be answered on Clash of the Choirs! Watch the promo below:

Kevin Wicks

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