Anglo For Your Ear: Shakespears Sister’s “Stay”

Bananarama singer Siobhan Fahey left the band in 1988 and formed this duo, Shakespears Sister (named after the Smiths song and misspelled due to a careless friend of Siobhan’s who made the logo). The above 1992 hit, “Stay,” was their brief claim to ubiquity: it was their sole top 10 single in the States. Opening with a nearly a capella gospel section before becoming a Goth, industrial groove, it was surely different from anything on the radio at the time. The video, which features Marcela at the bedside of her comatose lover in what looks like a massive boardroom, is both wacky and moving.

Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks founded's Anglophenia blog back in 2005 and has been translating British culture for an American audience ever since. While not British himself - he was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri - he once received inordinate hospitality in London for sharing the name of a dead but beloved EastEnders character. His Anglophilia stems from a high school love of Morrissey, whom he calls his "gateway drug" into British culture.

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