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Top 50 British Tracks of 2007

I've limited this list to songs that were unreleased in the U.S. during the past year or failed to chart here.

Anglo For Your Ear: Preview of Anglophenia’s Top Songs of 2007

Tomorrow, I will reveal my top UK songs from 2007 that deserved U.S.

Amy Winehouse “Arrested” and Released

When I first saw this headline, I thought, “Oy. It’s just one thing after another with this girl.”

Anglo For Your Ear: Shakespears Sister’s “Stay”

Bananarama singer Siobhan Fahey left the band in 1988 and formed this duo, Shakespears Sister (named after the Smiths song and misspelled due to a careless friend of Siobhan’s who made the logo). The above 1992 hit, …

David Beckham’s Interview on the Final Parkinson

David Beckham appeared on the final Parkinson (watch clip), which was seen by 8 million viewers.

Leon v. Rhydian on The X Factor: Most Contested Vote Since
Gore v. Bush.

In a stunning upset, Leon Jackson won X Factor on Saturday, prevailing over season-long favorites Rhydian Roberts and brother-sister duo Same Difference.

Anglo For Your Ear: Feeder’s “Buck Rogers”

More influenced by metal than by The Kinks or ’77 punk, this Welsh band’s 2001 hit brought thundering, wall-of-sound rock back to the UK charts. The video, which features two of my favorite things – freeze frames and …

Hugh Grant Engaged In “Sleazy” Public 3-Way, Say Witnesses

We’ve all seen people get a bit too amorous in public places, but celebrities usually like to keep their romantic activities behind close doors. That is, if you’re not Hugh Grant.

Anglo For Your Ear: Sheila Nicholls’ “Fallen For You”

This must be High Fidelity week at Anglo For Your Ear. That 2000 film had an amazing soundtrack, including some fine British tunes.