Monthly Archives: November 2007

Anglo For Your Ear: Tina Charles’ “I Love To Love (But My Baby Loves To Dance)”

Look, it’s the British Vickie Sue Robinson. Well, not quite.

Heather Mills’ New Publicist Comes Out Swinging

Heather Mills‘ new publicist is even wackier than she is, and that’s truly saying something: Page Six reports, “Michelle [sic] Elyzabeth, an LA-based French publicist who was hired after Mills’ last rep dumped …

Amy Winehouse Threatens Audience During “Shambolic” Concert

For all of her immense talent, Amy Winehouse has become an infamously erratic performer, and her first show on her UK tour was hardly encouraging for things to come. Fans nearly booed the singer off the stage during her set in …

Anglo For Your Ear: Take That’s “Babe”

On the list of Take That ballads, this 1993 single ranks right below “Patience” and “Back For Good.” The harmonies are tight and skilled here, and while singer Mark Owen doesn’t have the chops of Gary …

Liz Taylor Makes Hugh Grant An Even Wealthier Man

It wasn’t $35 million, but Hugh Grant still made a bundle on that Andy Warhol painting of Liz Taylor. It sold for $23.7 million at auction, giving him a $20.

Lily Allen Slams “Arrogant” Radiohead

Lily Allen calls Radiohead‘s “pay what you want” experiment “arrogant,” adding that “they’ve got millions of pounds. It sends a weird message to younger bands who haven’t done as …

Anglo For Your Ear: Oasis’ “Roll With It”

OK, so Oasis isn’t totally evil.

Alfie Allen vs. Daniel Radcliffe: The Equus Promo Shots

Links not safe for work: Alfie Allen, who is replacing Daniel Radcliffe in Equus, has done his shirtless stable-boy promo shots. For comparison’s sake, here’s Daniel’s shot.

Boy George Charged For Allegedly Enslaving a Norwegian

That pesky little Norwegian-on-a-chain incident has come back to haunt Boy George: he was officially charged Monday for false imprisonment.

Anglo For Your Ear: Martine McCutcheon’s “Perfect Moment”

Before Martine McCutcheon played Hugh Grant‘s love interest in Love, Actually (what happened to her film career, btw?), she was a major pop star in the UK.