Kate Moss Threatens To Bring The Power of La Cosa Nostra Down on Sienna Miller – Allegedly

  • In spite of her praying mantis frame, supermodel-turned-gangsta Kate Moss isn’t one to be effed with, and Sienna Miller had better watch her back. This weekend at Davinia Taylor‘s 30th birthday party, Moss was overheard giving Miller a stern warning concerning Miller’s boyfriend, Rhys Ifans: “If you hurt Rhys, you’ll have made an enemy for life. Treat him right and we’ll leave you alone. But don’t hurt him because we love him – and we always stick together.”(Mirror)
  • Sienna Miller has signed on to play a “femme fatale” in the GI Joe movie, which I’m sure will be excellent training should she have to throwdown against Kate Moss.(The Times)
  • Jude Law doesn’t regret schtupping the nanny while dating Sienna Miller. “There’s no regret. You can’t regret. I mean, I’ve felt regret but I’ve also refused to allow regret to sow a seed and live in me because I don’t believe it.”
    (Contact Music)
  • Amy Winehouse‘s mother Janis says she’s happy her son-in-law’s in prison. “I was more worried when they were together. I think, while they are apart, she will wake up and think: ‘What have I done?'”(Daily Mail)
  • Photo: Lily Allen had to be carried out of a bar after a boozy night. The Daily Mail was quick to note Lily’s infamous harsh words for Hollywood party girls like Lindsay Lohan.
  • Eddie Murphy has allegedly refused to meet the daughter he fathered with Mel B.(The Sun)
  • Thom Yorke was among the 60 percent of Radiohead fans who paid nothing for In Rainbows online.(BBC)
  • Thom Yorke on his short-lived solo career: “It was kind of dull. It was deeply unsatisfying because you weren’t sharing much of the process but then I got back with the band and it was like ‘Oh my god, there’s all these other people I have to work with now’.”(NME)
  • Jimmy Page says Led Zeppelin will play a song live for the first time at the reunion concert.(NME)
  • Led Zeppelin.com now features a community section for fans.(NME)
  • Gallows frontman Frank Carter bemoans his heavy touring schedule. Yeah, whining’s not so cool.(The Sun)
  • A preview of Shayne Ward‘s new album.(The Sun)
  • Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner crashed Texas frontwoman Sharleen Spiteri‘s birthday party – and allegedly drained the open bar.(Mirror)
  • Queen guitarist Brian May now has a doctorate in astrophysics and he’s been named chancellor for Liverpool John Moores University, replacing the venerable Cherie Blair. Now will he finally be convinced to get a haircut?(Yahoo!)
  • My boy Arjan has posted an audio interview with Duran Duran bassist John Taylor. BTW, am I the only one who was shocked by how bad they were on the American Music Awards?
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