Monthly Archives: November 2007

Anglo For Your Ear: Adele’s “Hometown Glory”

For the second straight year, a one-named British singer-songwriter has commanded all of the music industry’s buzz. Who knows if Adele will reach Mika‘s level (four top 10 hits since January), but one would hope.

Billie Piper’s Sexy TV Series Could Hit U.S. Shores

Billie Piper‘s “raunchy” Secret Diary Of a Call Girl was so successful for ITV that the network has ordered a second season – and it may air in America.

Sharon Osbourne and Courtney Love May Go To Court

Have Sharon Osbourne and Courtney Love taken their battle to court? Sharon has notoriously alleged that Courtney introduced her son Jack to drugs.

Al Gore Gets a Rare Glimpse At the Oval Office

As Al Gore joined the other American Nobel Prize laureates in the White House’s Oval Office, he and president George W. Bush met for the first time since Gore conceded the hotly contested 2000 election.

Anglo For Your Ear: Buzzcocks’ “Promises”

I saw Control last night (overhyped, trust me), but there’s a running joke in it about the Buzzcocks. I suspect you can guess what the joke is about.

Control Is On a Roll: Ian Curtis Film Dominates the BIFA Awards

Ian Curtis biopic Control won five British Independent Film Awards, including Best Film, Most Promising Newcomer (Sam Riley), Best Director and Best Debut Director (Dutchman Anton Corbijn), and Best Supporting Actor/Actress (Toby …

The Morrissey Immigration Row: Bigmouth Strikes Again or a Miserable Lie?

Almost two weeks ago, this message was posted on the Morrissey-solo fan site:

Anglo For Your Ear: Gilbert O’Sullivan’s “Alone Again (Naturally)”

For all you lonely lovers out there. This Irish-born, English-raised singer had a string of megahits in the UK, including this one from 1972.

Mel B. Set To Win Dancing With the Stars? She’s Already Won

Mel B. is slated to win this season’s Dancing With the Stars, according to BBC NEWS.

Lily Allen’s Doctor: Get In Shape Or Die!

There’s a reason why Ms. Lily Allen has been rockin’ the skinny gowns lately – and it’s not vanity, according to the 22-year-old songstress. Nope, she’s shedding the pounds for her health.