Monthly Archives: November 2007

Anglo For Your Ear: Adele’s “Hometown Glory”

For the second straight year, a one-named British singer-songwriter has commanded all of the music industry’s buzz. Who knows if Adele will reach Mika‘s level (four top 10 hits since January), but one would hope.

Al Gore Gets a Rare Glimpse At the Oval Office

As Al Gore joined the other American Nobel Prize laureates in the White House’s Oval Office, he and president George W. Bush met for the first time since Gore conceded the hotly contested 2000 election.

Lily Allen’s Doctor: Get In Shape Or Die!

There’s a reason why Ms. Lily Allen has been rockin’ the skinny gowns lately – and it’s not vanity, according to the 22-year-old songstress. Nope, she’s shedding the pounds for her health.