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  • A member of the royal family has been the target of “sex and drugs blackmail,” The Sunday Times reported yesterday. Two men “demanded £50,000 not to publicize a video, which they suggested showed the royal engaged in a sex act. During telephone calls to the royal’s office, the suspected blackmailers also claimed to have evidence suggesting that the royal had supplied an aide with an envelope containing cocaine. They claimed that they had a video tape showing the aidesnorting the drug.” An undercover detective, posing as a member of royal staff, met the blackmailers in a hotel room on September 11th. The men played the tape, and the undercover officer arrested them.

  • BBC NEWS reports that the royal is “a member of the family with a low public profile,” which eliminates the usual suspects, Chuck, Billy, and Ginger. The Sun can confirm it was NOT (!!!) William or Harry in the videotape, although one of the blackmailers claims to have met the princes “on two occasions.”
  • England for the English: Tory leader David Cameronproposes to “strip Scottish MPs of the right to voteon English matters,” according to The Observer. Meanwhile, could Scotland become independent as early as next year?
  • Racer Lewis Hamilton – the sexiest gap-toothed pin-up since Lauren Hutton – tells his life story to The Sun.
  • An F5 tornado has touched down atop Coleen McLoughlin‘s head. 75 were killed, not including Ms. McLoughlin.(Daily Mail)
  • Johnny Briggs, a 72-year-old Coronation Street veteran, denies having sex with a Thai hooker. The Sun‘s headline: “Briggs: I did not bed tart.”
  • Here’s an opener I can’t believe made it past the editors, but I’m glad it did: “Forget Naomi, Halle, and Sienna,” says The TimesSimon Crear. “The best goddamn bitches in the entire London Film Festival were out in force yesterday for the inaugural Fido Film Award. For dogs in movies.” The corgis who played Queen Elizabeth II‘s pets in The Queen won awards at the ceremony, billed as “the doggy Oscars.”
  • The Observer offers the first joint interview between actor Timothy Spall and his son, Rafe Spall. They play father and son in AndrewDavies‘ new adaptation of A Room With a View.
  • Elizabeth Hurley invites her husband Arun Nayar and her ex Hugh Grant on a beach holiday in the Seychelles. (Daily Mail)
  • Report: Kate Moss‘ nanny fires her.(Contact Music)
  • Ray Winstone calls Indiana Jones co-star Harrison Ford “as fit as a 17-year-old.”
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.