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  • Paul McCartney and Heather Mills‘ divorce talks have broken down after Heather refused Paul’s request for a gag order, reports The Daily Mail. Doesn’t he know that talking about their marriage is the only thing she’s got going for her?

  • Pete Doherty has done his first interview since leaving rehab on BBC 6Music.(NME)
  • Also, Pete interviews Paul McCartney for Observer Music Monthly.
  • You’d think Lily Allen would wear a more grown-up outfit to show off her newly svelte body, but she apparently stole some baby’s blanky and made a dress out of it.(Daily Mail)
  • Keith Allen‘s fatherly advice to daughter Lily: “Stay off the Ketamine, love. Don’t go on the brown (heroin) – look at Amy.”(Gigwise)
  • Speaking of Ms. Winehouse, Mark Ronson says she’s all set to start work on her third album.(MTV)
  • Take That have begun their international tour with a show in Belfast – and employ sexy female dancers to simulate fellatio on them. I wish I were kidding.The Daily Mail has photos.
  • In spite of that unfortunate image, The Daily Telegraph‘s Bernadette McNulty gives the show a rave review: “The ghost of Robbie Williams, so omnipresent when they first got back together, seems completely vanquished; there never seems a point when you wish he would return. Without him the danger may have gone, but the band seems so much happier rolling out pure, entertainment.”
  • The TimesPete Paphides was also impressed and is amazed at their continued athleticism. “‘Howard, can you still do a back-flip?’ asked fellow hunk Jason. Yes he could. So they’re older and wiser, these days, and they can all write songs which hint at the adversities of the years in post boy-band limbo. Plus they can still do back-flips. It really is the best of both worlds.”
  • More Alex Turner and Alexa Chung for your viewing pleasure.(The Sun)
  • After Westlife‘s tirade yesterday, Spice Girl Mel C. responds, simply, “I personally don’t like Westlife.” *Snap, head roll, and twist!*(Mirror)
  • The Eagles are going to play a one-off gig in London – for music industry insiders only. Tickets will cost $1900.(NME)
  • Gigwise speculates that Radiohead has earned £4.8 million ($9.6 million) in sales from their new album. “Because the band doesn’t have a record deal, they get to keep the vast majority of the money with minimal overheads. If they were to sell the album through an online distributor, for example, they could see as little as a quarter of that money.”
  • NME picks the top ten Radiohead videos, embedding the clips from YouTube.
  • The Guardian‘s Caroline Sullivan calls NME’s campaign to get The Sex Pistols‘ “God Save the Queen” to No. 1 is “30 years too late,” adding, “The impact of a No. 1 tune that calls the Queen a ‘moron’, and her government a ‘fascist regime’ would be a tiny thud in 2007, as opposed to the big bang it would have been three decades ago.”
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.