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  • A Doctor Who movie could be possible, says BBC exec Jane Tranter. Woo-hoo! The Guardian‘s Ben Dowell says, “Well, it might be an idea to know who will be in it and writing it. The Beeb first has to sort out once and for all whether David Tennant will return for series five once he’s finished playing Hamlet on the RSC stage. Here’s hoping the indecision of the Danish Prince, or indeed a taste for live performing, won’t rub off on him too much. He’s brilliant. The good news is that I got the distinct impression from speaking to Tranter yesterday that he will come back. Other BBC sources have suggested this to me as well.”

  • For the hetero men and lesbians out there: Billie Piper, photographed in a man’s shirt, “saucy stockings,” and little else.(Daily Mail)
  • A new Wallace and Gromit movie, Trouble at’ Mill, will air on BBC One late next year and will feature a romance for Wallace.(BBC)
  • New, shocking photos of the Princess Diana crash scene have been published in The Daily Mail. You won’t see any actual carnage, just a very crumpled Mercedes.
  • Kate Moss‘ “digitally enhanced” eyelashes in a Rimmel ad broke advertising rules.(BBC)
  • Did Moss’ control freakdom exacerbate Pete Doherty‘s drug addiction? (Guardian)
  • Peter Morgan plans to direct a sequel to The Queen, which will follow Tony Blair, played again by Michael Sheen, and his relationship with George W. Bush. The Guardian‘s Ben Walters asks readers who they think could play Mr. Dubya. Lots of good ideas: Chris Cooper, Billy Bob Thornton, James Brolin, Dennis Quaid. What, no love for Will Ferrell?
  • Patrick Marber, the playwright behind Closer and screenwriter for Notes on a Scandal, is suffering from a bit of writers’ block.(Telegraph)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.