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What, is Rite Aid low on chill pills today? So much anger in the world. Calm the hell down, folks – it ain’t that serious.

Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon has slagged off The Police reunion. Speaking on Virgin Radio this morning, Lydon said, “That’s really a reformation, isn’t it, but, honestly, that’s like soggy old dead carcasses. You know listening to Stink [sic] try to squeak through ‘Roxanne’ one more time, that’s not fun. It’s like letting air out of a balloon.”(NME)

In a blistering attack, Michael Hutchence‘s mother has dubbed Sir Bob Geldof “Satan” and says he’s only interested in his adopted daughter Tiger Lily‘s inheritance. Tiger Lily is, of course, the daughter of Hutchence and Geldof’s now-dead ex-wife Paula Yates.
(Daily Mail)

Stereophonics lead singer Kelly Jones received a nasty, oozing cut on his arm after a brawl with security at last night’s Vodafone Live Music awards.(Daily Mail)

Rod Stewart‘s not happy that his 20-year-old daughter Ruby is modeling undies for Ultimo. Must say, this girl’s a beaut! Well done, Rod.(Daily Mail)

Don’t know if you’ve been following this story: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? host Chris Tarrant was scandalized when his estranged wife, Ingrid, revealed details of their sex life to anyone who’d listen. On today’s The Alan Titchmarsh Show, Ingrid Tarrant and horse racing pundit John McCririck were both guests. McCririck, ostensibly speaking for men everywhere, proceeded to insult Ingrid, saying, “You can’t be any good in bed, that’s why he strayed away. All I can say is poor old Chris Tarrant, look at what he had to work with if he was bad in bed.” (Ouch!) An enraged Titchmarsh kicked McCririck off the show, calling him “unbelievably rude.”The Daily Mail has more deets for you.

In an angry tirade this morning, XFM DJ Alex Zane announced he was banning Brit band The Enemy‘s records from his breakfast show. Apparently, the band was unhappy with an interview they’d done with Zane and made their thoughts known. Zane said, “It’s the little frontman Tom [Clarke] who I have a problem with. He basically came up and said some of the most awful things ever. I was just going ‘this cannot be real! It was an interview, you didn’t like it, we pulled it. The research that was done wasn’t my opinion, we were just talking about how much you signed for’ and he said disgusting, offensive, hateful things. So I’m done with them now, I’m done with them! They will no longer be on the breakfast show.” (NME)

Can one use anger and despair for good? Annie Lennox attempts to do so with her album, Songs of Mass Destruction. She talks to Telegraph‘s Neil McCormick about it: “We contain polarity within ourselves, we are full of possibilities, light and beauty and goodness, but at the same time we are ravaged by doubt or despair or hopelessness. I have been through my own trials and tribulations, so in a way I am trying to make sense of it. But it’s not about a logical, rational sense. The language of music expresses things that are almost inexpressible.”

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.