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  • Like Amy Poehler in Mean Girls, Sarah Ferguson‘s not a real mom, she’s a cool mom, partying with daughter Princess Beatrice to the wee hours of the morning. The Daily Mail reports, “The fifth-in-line to the throne and her mother the Duchess of York, headed for a nightcap at Mahiki – and didn’t emerge until 3:30 am.”

  • Richard Hammond reveals he had amnesia after his crash, even forgetting whom he was married to. He tells The Daily Mail that he tried to chat up his own wife. “I didn’t forget Mindy, I fancied her – thank God – I attempted to chat her up.” Mindy says, “He said ‘you’re lovely, but I’ve got to stop talking to you because I’ve got to go back to my wife, she’s French’.”
  • Telegraph‘s Neil Tweedie openly mocks Naomi Campbell‘s charity fashion show.
  • Ulrika Jonsson‘s cleavage is out-plunging her necklines.(Daily Mail)
  • At least she was wearing underwear: Jordan flashes her bum while snogging husband Peter Andre in a limo.(The Sun)
  • Sharon Osbourne on hubby Ozzy‘s horniness: “He’s like a rabbit, he’s terrible. Every song gets him in the mood for love. He’s just like that battery. Instead of that little rabbit they should have Ozzy’s willy banging a drum.”
    (The Sun)
  • Tilda Swinton talks to The Guardian about the movie Michael Clayton, co-starring George Clooney, and reveals that she’s working with Looking for Langston director Isaac Julien on a film about her late friend and collaborator, director Derek Jarman.
  • Catherine Tate was as shocked as fans when she was recruited to join Doctor Who: “When I was asked to do it, I genuinely couldn’t believe they’d asked me. I was having lunch with [executive producer] Julie Gardner and it was the last thing I thought we were going to have a conversation about. She said it, and I nearly… well, I… even now, I just can’t believe it. I’m speechless.”(Digital Spy)
  • BBC boss Mark Thompson vows to produce more shows in Scotland.
    (The Stage)
  • BBC is reaching out to the teenage demo with some new shows that will air across several platforms. As BBC News reports, “The multimedia project, called BBC Switch, will include a weekly new music show, a coming-of-age TV soap, and an interactive online drama.”
  • French and Saunders are bidding us farewell, and The Guardian‘s Sarah Dempster says, “Don’t let the door hit ya…” In her blog, Dempster writes, “While capable, at their best, of both exhilarating daftery and sublime satire , most of the duo’s new material barely even qualifies as comedy…Really, is it unreasonable to expect a smidgen of effort in return for our time and lifelong fandom?”
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.