Monthly Archives: September 2007

Colin Firth: Damn Mr. Darcy Won’t Focking Die Already!

A very candid interview with Colin Firth in today’s Times. Apparently, Mr.

Anglo For Your Ear: Freddie and the Dreamers’ “I’m Telling You Now”

Imagine Buddy Holly hadn’t perished in that tragic plane crash in 1959. Imagine he ended his career in America, moved to England, and took up interpretive dance and hallucinogenic drugs.

Billie Piper: Young Doctor Who Fans Shouldn’t Watch My New Movie

Billie Piper says the young’uns who watched her on Doctor Who should pass on Secret Life of a Call Girl.

David Bowie Donates To “Jena Six” Defense Fund

David Bowie has donated $10,000 to the defense fund for the Jena Six, a group of black teenagers who allegedly attacked a white teenager in a small Louisiana town. Bowie said, “There is clearly a separate and unequal judicial …

Anglo For Your Ear: The Housemartins’ “Caravan of Love”

If you need your spirits lifted today, check out this amazing, totally a cappella gospel rendition of “Caravan of Love” from The Housemartins. The Housemartins were a band of Christian Marxists who wrote some incredibly fun …

Pete Doherty: All I Need Is Love

Two of the biggest trainwrecks in music – Pete Doherty and Courtney Love – reportedly hooked up at a local Wiltshire pub. For the love of God, don’t let these two procreate.

Anglo For Your Ear: Kenickie’s “In Your Car”

This Sunderland-based band, comprised of three chicks and one dude (the drummer), was Britain’s answer to grrrl rock bands like Hole and Bikini Kill. The song, “In Your Car,” was Kenickie‘s breakthrough hit in …

Happy Belated Birthday, Prince Harry! Also: Ricky Gervais’ Emmy!

Prince Harry turned 23 over the weekend, but apparently our favorite ginger-topped royal is still partying like he just turned 18. Harry was “sozzled” at his birthday bash, according to The Mirror‘s spies: …

Leona Lewis’ New Single…Any Thoughts?

I’m not crazy about the new song, “Bleeding Love.”

Anglo For Your Ear: The Cribs’ “Moving Pictures”

This band is soooo trendy right now that I was reluctant to put this clip up. (Guitarist Ryan Jarman is dating Kate Nash reportedly – how’s that for a red carpet couple at next year’s BRITs?