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From Digital Spy: I’m sure the members of Bloc Party are used to having security remove the riff-raff from their dressing rooms after live shows. One particularly rabid fan at London’s Live Earth concert required some extra muscle, and the band’s tour manager had her physically removed from the premises. If frontman Kele Okereke is to be believed, this wasn’t the usual overzealous groupie:

“When she came in, he alerted security and security dragged her out. In a headlock. It was really surreal, and everyone stopped speaking.

“And all we could hear is Madonna cursing and saying she’s gonna kill these guys. She’s really tough because of all that Pilates that she does, so she got out of the headlock quite easily.”

Whether this is true or not, I’ll always be thankful to Kele Okereke for the mental image of Madonna’s head lodged in some security guy’s armpit.

In other news:

  • While out with husband Guy Ritchie, Queen Madonna was photographed carrying a Purple Penetrator strap-on in a see-through shopping bag. Check out hubby Guy’s face in the picture over at The Daily Mail. He looks like a man who knows he’s gonna get it.

  • A fantastic YouTube find: a clip of Jarvis Cocker storming the stage during Michael Jackson’s 1996 BRIT Awards performance and wiggling his bum – before getting the bum’s rush himself from security.
  • Lily Allen has enlisted rapper Common for her new single, “Drivin’ Me Wild,” set for release on October 15th.(NME)
  • Franz Ferdinand introduced some new songs at a venue in Scotland, and The Telegraph‘s Matthew Magee says they weren’t as exciting as their big hits: “There was plenty of invention, depth and some new, dark tones in these songs, but what they almost uniformly lacked were the big rabble-rousing choruses that made the band’s name. There were attempts, songs where super-simple singalong melodies were bolted on to familiar Franz chord progressions, but none had the fist-pumping, elemental glory of ‘This Fire’ or ‘Do You Want To.'”
  • Stereogum has the new Turin Brakes single, “Dark On Fire.”
  • Joss Stone is set for a duet with super-busy Foo Fighters singer Dave Grohl. (Chocolate)
  • Naomi Campbell wants former enemy Victoria Beckham to appear in her charity fashion show. “I will approach her because she is such a massive fashion personality,” she says, according to Digital Spy. “How could she not be involved?”
  • Jamie Oliver does an interview with The Sun to promote his Jamie At Home book and TV show.
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.