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  • Prince Harry turned 23 over the weekend, but apparently our favorite ginger-topped royal is still partying like he just turned 18. Harry was “sozzled” at his birthday bash, according to The Mirror‘s spies: “‘Harry went to the bar every five minutes to get another round. At one point he was so p****d he couldn’t order a drink properly.’ The bartender didn’t understand what he was asking for and thought Harry said his friend Sam ‘buked’. ‘Actually, he wanted more Sambucas. It immediately became the joke of the evening.'” Hey, we all have our moments…

  • When he won his Best Actor Emmy last night for Extras, Ricky Gervais had a chance to silence the critics who say he’s all washed up. But the dude didn’t even show up. Granted, he had a good excuse, as he and Stephen Merchant were in London doing stand-up. Anyway, the catty haters like The Guardian‘s Kathryn Flett are still at it. Flett writes, “Blimey: quite aside from being the first non-American ever to win in that category, which is fairly astounding in itself, those of us who aren’t American may feel that the Gervais love-in currently been [sic] conducted stateside is slightly too intense and prolonged.”
  • In his autobiography, serialized in The Mirror, Top Gear host Richard Hammond details the tense seconds before his near-fatal crash. “I am not scared, my life does not flash before my eyes, there is just a calm resignation. And also a strange relief at finally knowing the answer to a question that perhaps haunts many of us in the very background of our thoughts: How will I die?”
  • What Not To Wear‘s Trinny and Susannah have a frank chat with TheObserver‘s Barbara Ellen. The interview hits personalterritory for the girls, including their marriages andfamilies, Trinny’s weight (“I’ve been nine stone for20 years, I always eat what I want, it’s not an issuefor me.”) and Trinny’s tearful scrap with Piers Morgan on Comic Relief Apprentice(“When I’m in a situation like that, I’ll fight mycorner. But it was physical strength against lesserphysical strength.”)
  • Shocker!: contestants say X-Factor scenes are staged.(Digital Spy)
  • Toby Jones, whose performance as Truman Capote in Infamous was far superior to Oscar winner Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s impersonation, provides a week’s diary to Telegraph.
  • Film director Ken Loach is still raging after allthese years.(The Times)
  • Ewan McGregor says he won’t take part in any Transpotting sequels, in spite of director Danny Boyle and co-star Robert Carlyle‘s desire to do one. “I’ve always said that I loved Trainspotting so much that it would be a terrible thing to damage it by making a poor sequel. People would forget the great movie Trainspotting was.” (Contact Music)
  • Actor Richard E. Grant talks to Telegraph about his life and his love of author Roald Dahl. He happens to be hosting a show on the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory author, which airs this weekend in the UK.
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.