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  • Daniel Radcliffe admits he’s nervous about bringing Equus to Broadway, but it’s not because of his nude scenes: “It will be amazing, but I will be terrified because I was talking to Richard Griffiths about playing New York and he said the most stupid thing you can do is underestimate New York audience. But I know we have a good show, it was a good show when we did it in London and hopefully if we do it again it will still be that good. It has to be better.” (BBC)

  • Lily Allen broke up with her boyfriend Seb Chew last month, she tells
    The Sun.
  • Elton John did a bang-up job hosting the GQ Men of the Year Awards, according to The Sun‘s Victoria Newton. He even mended fences with his nemesis Madonna. Frankly, his feud with Madge was the only thing he had going for him.
  • It wasn’t all fun for Elton at the GQ ceremony: The Office co-creator Stephen Merchant put Mr. John on blast for hanging Ricky Gervais out to dry at the Diana concert. According to Digital Spy, “The Extras star sipped on a drink, finished his dessert, and took a leisurely stroll around the auditorium when John invited him onstage to collect a gong. When he took to the stage several minutes later, he quipped: ‘I thought I would keep Elton John waiting for a change as he did to my friend Ricky at the Diana concert.'”
  • Gordon Ramsay bakes his beans: the chef was “seriously injured in his kitchen – after his genitals were set alight because he wasn’t wearing any underwear.”(Contact Music)
  • For your aspiring actors out there, Simon Pegg has some advice. Speaking to The Guardian about how he avoids inevitable career backlash, he says: “A backlash is fair enough if the quality drops, but if it’s just for the sake of a backlash then that’s just cynical. That’s why you should always play losers because people love losers. The minute you threaten any kind of success, you’re on the edge of being derided.”
  • Stephen Mangan, who played Green Wing‘s resident arsehole Guy, admits he shares some of his signature character’s vanity: “I mean, I’m wearing a pink shirt,” he tells The Guardian. “I can’t sit here and deny that there isn’t a bit of that in me. But it’s the joy of being an actor, you can take those little private things in you and blow them up for comic effect.”
  • Mangan’s Green Wing co-star, Paterson Joseph, is currently playing the titular role in Eugene O’Neill‘s controversial play, The Emperor Jones. He tells The Daily Telegraph that he – surprise – prefers the stage: “When I do TV, I always look at it afterwards and realise that I’m more of a theatre actor. I’m so keen to convey what I’m thinking and feeling, as opposed to letting the audience come to me.” Note: Paterson Joseph recently hammed it up as villainous Benjamin on BBC AMERICA’s Jekyll.
  • Are Ant and Dec‘s accents too think for an American audience? Bosses for their U.S. game show Wanna Bet? have hired an “interpreter” to help them, reports The Sun.
  • Sir Ben Kingsley has wed Daniela Barbosa de Carneiro, a 34-year old Brazilian waitress. “We’re extremely happy,” he says. “Daniella is like an ancient mythological princess. She has great deep dignity. She moves like an ocean liner.” Only Sir Ben can compare a woman to a lumbering cruise ship and make it sound like a compliment.(Digital Spy)
  • Ralph Fiennes, the adorable Hayley Atwell, and Dominic Cooper will join Keira Knightley in the cast of BBC Films’ The Duchess, reports Variety. “With Knightley as Georgiana, Fiennes will play her husband, the Duke of Devonshire, with Cooper as her lover Earl Grey and Atwell as her best friend, Lady Bess Foster.”
  • Kate Beckinsale and hubby Len Wiseman take Kate’s daughter Lily out for a swing.Just Jared has photos.
  • David and Victoria Beckham have been nominated for a LAFTA – for Funniest Double Act, which I don’t think was Posh ‘n Becks’ intention. (The Sun)
  • Kelly Osbourne will be getting her own BBC Radio 1 show in a charge to reach under-18s, reports The Guardian. Meanwhile, JK and Joel, who head the chart show I listen to each week, have been fired.
  • Roger Daltrey says Pete Doherty isn’t long for this world (shocker): “There’s a bathroom floor waiting for him. He seems to have a death wish and that is so incredibly dull – to think that that’s a cool and exciting thing.”(NME)
  • Photos of Bryan Ferry playing basketball!(NME)
  • Pitchfork keeps us abreast of all the forthcoming Marc Bolan retrospectives and reissues.
  • Shayne Ward (a.k.a. the British Justin Timberlake) wants to be the “next gay pinup.”(Arjan Writes)
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