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Granted, Amy Winehouse wasn’t two years out of practice when she made her diva performance at the Mercury Prize ceremony, but Britney Spears could have taken some pointers from Amy on how to stage a proper comeback. Britney’s opener at last night’s MTV VMAs was, in short, a shambles, mostly because her reach exceeded her grasp. Lil’ Brit decided to go for her trademark big production number, shedding her clothes and gyrating perilously on high heels.

Amy, on the other hand, wisely pulled back. After the alleged overdose and the blood-stained ballet shoes, it would have been easy to count her out. But her performance of “Love Is a Losing Game” was stripped down and soul-bearing. She didn’t over-exert herself; she didn’t strain for the big notes, which she can certainly hit on a good day. She simply reminded everyone, “I’m here, and I’ll continue to be a force to be reckoned with.”

OK, so Britney wouldn’t in her wildest dreams ever be capable of such a feat. However, this was Britney’s chance to put away childish things and reveal some adult restraint. (I’d advise her to watch Kylie Minogue‘s “Showgirl” concert, a brilliant example of how a pop star can evolve from a booty-shaking pop tart to elegant booty-shaking woman.) Her song may have been “Gimme More,” but frankly, less would have been oh so much more.

Britney’s Comeback

Amy’s Comeback

There’s been a bit of movement on the UK pop charts: Plain White T’s is now poised to repeat their American success with a No. 1 spot for “Hey There Delilah,” and James Blunt is in hot pursuit. Also, the wonderful new Girls Aloud single, “Sexy No No No,” has debuted at No. 5.

1. Sean Kingston – Beautiful Girls
Watch the video

2. Plain White Ts – Hey ThereDelilah
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3. Kanye West – Stronger
Watch the video

4. James Blunt – 1973
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5. Girls Aloud – Sexy No No No
Watch the video

6. Rihanna – Shut Up and Drive
Watch the video

7. Robyn ft Kleerup – With EveryHeartbeat
Watch the video

8. 50 Cent ft Justin Timberlake – AYO Technology
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9. Scouting For Girls – She’s SoLovely
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10. Timbaland ft. Keri Hilson, D.O.E.,and Sebastian – The Way I Are
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As previously speculated, a Led Zeppelin reunion will be announced on Wednesday, reports Uncut. But the more interesting dish is who will replace late drummer, John Bonham.

Now that it is established that there will, indeed, be a show – new rumours are now floating that the reformed band will feature Foo Fighters and former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl on the drum stool.

Former rumours about the band reunion speculated that John Bonham‘s son Jason would be filling in for his late father.

It does seem that Mr. Grohl is the go-to drummer for bands in a pinch. It’s no wonder – the man is damn talented.

In other news:

  • Jon Bon Jovi slags off British rockers Pete Doherty, Oasis, and Robbie Williams.(Fametastic)
  • The latest Radiohead album is done, but there’s still no word on a release date.(XFM)

  • Alex James says that a Blur reunion featuring Graham Coxon looks “promising.”(NME)
  • “Drab” Leona Lewis goes glam for a sexy photo shoot.(The Sun)
  • Coldplay says their fourth album will contain a lean nine tracks: “Expect a short, concise record with no fat and at least two top-division songs released independently.”(NME)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.