Anglo For Your Ear: The Wonder Stuff’s “The Size of a Cow”

“Me, I’d like to think/That life is like a drink/And I’m hoping that it tastes like Bourbon.” That’s one of the many witty lines in this 1991 hit from the England band The Wonder Stuff. Their cheekiness and Morrissey-worthy song titles (one gem is called “It’s Yer Money I’m After, Baby”) never really translated here. But there’s still a chance to remedy that: they are still together and putting out music (even though two members have died tragically over the years).

Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks founded's Anglophenia blog back in 2005 and has been translating British culture for an American audience ever since. While not British himself - he was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri - he once received inordinate hospitality in London for sharing the name of a dead but beloved EastEnders character. His Anglophilia stems from a high school love of Morrissey, whom he calls his "gateway drug" into British culture.

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