Monthly Archives: September 2007

Anglo For Your Ear: Culture Club’s “It’s a Miracle”

Boy George at his most glamorous. From 1984’s Colour By Numbers.

Elizabeth Taylor: Alive And Making Hot Love at 75

Not only is Dame Elizabeth Taylor still alive, she has a new love: businessman Jason Winters.The Daily Mail wonders if he will be hubby No. 9.

George Michael Reaches Out to Amy Winehouse

It’s not everyday that George Michael has the opportunity to counsel someone more screwed-up than he is. Thank God then for Amy Winehouse.

Anglo For Your Ear: The Wonder Stuff’s “The Size of a Cow”

“Me, I’d like to think/That life is like a drink/And I’m hoping that it tastes like Bourbon.” That’s one of the many witty lines in this 1991 hit from the England band The Wonder Stuff.

Pete Doherty On the Mend, Blur Finally Back Together Again?

Pete Doherty: “31 days clean and counting.”(The Sun)

Jane Seymour: I’m Not Dr. Quinn, Party Girl

Jane Seymour hits back at the Bath, England townspeople who are petitioning to have her declared a public nuisance. As The Daily Telegraph reports, the trouble started when Seymour received a 24-hour liquor license for her 14th-century …

Anglo For Your Ear: Girls Aloud’s “Whole Lotta History”

Girls Aloud have made the Guinness Book of World Records: they’ve scored 16 consecutive top ten hits, the most ever by an all-female group in Britain. Not bad for a manufactured, reality-TV outfit that’s only been around …

Hugh Laurie Is Now a Rock Star

Hugh Laurie‘s celebrity band – cheekily named Band From TV – has become an iTunes sensation, with their version of “Minnie the Moocher” storming up the download charts. The Independent‘s Emily Dugan …

Sir Elton John’s Photo: Art or Child Pornography?

That’s the big story today: police have seized a photo from a gallery exhibition in Gateshead, England “following concerns that it may breach child pornography laws,” The Times reports. Sir Elton John has come forward …

Anglo For Your Ear: Monaco’s “What Do You Want From Me”

Not satisfied with my posting of The Beloved‘s “Sweet Harmony”, my dear friend Jorge told me, “Put up the Sha-la-la-lalala song or I’ll hurt you real bad.” Given that my friend is 6-foot-6, 260 …