Monthly Archives: August 2007

Sienna Miller’s Not a Hoochie, Just a “Good Samaritan”

Sienna Miller may be attached to Brother & Sisters star Matthew Rhys. However, The Mirror reports that the actress and Rhys Ifans are “getting on like a house on fire.

Anglo For Your Ear: The Cure’s “Caterpillar”

One of the most eccentric and euphoric Cure songs. The tune’s hook is frontman Robert Smith‘s imitation of caterpillar noises (“Flickaflickaflickaflickaflickaflicka…here you are!”).

Yet Another Subpar Remake of a Morrissey Classic

U.S. rock band Fate or Trouble has re-imagined Morrissey‘s Cold War ballad “Everyday Is Like Sunday” as a chirpy, Laguna Beach-ready summer tune.

Charlotte Church Talks About Mom’s Suicide Attempt in New Book

Wonder why Charlotte Church‘s been unusually gabby lately? Well, it’s because she has a book to promote. The 21-year-old mother-to-be’s autobiography (!

Anglo For Your Ear: Alma Cogan’s “Got’N Idea”

Can you believe this “saucy” English singer of standards, shown here in 1955, allegedly bagged John Lennon?

Keira Knightley: I Was Rubbish in Bend It Like Beckham

Keira Knightley bravely admits that her performance in Bend It Like Beckham was rubbish: “I didn’t go to drama school, so I didn’t get the training. It was difficult to get over that: ‘What am I doing?

Pete Doherty, Arrested and Released…AGAIN; Amy Winehouse Bolts Rehab…AGAIN

Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse are seemingly trapped in their own personal versions of Groundhog Day, and the world watches in awe as they make the same mistakes over and over…and over again.

Anglophenia’s Off Today

I’ll hit you guys with updates tomorrow.

Simon Cowell: I’m Quitting…When I’m 50.

Simon Cowell tells The Mirror he will retire from X-Factor and American Idol in three years: “I have three more seasons under contract with American Idol and that will be it. And it will probably come at the same time in the …

A Tale of Two Hot Messes: Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse

Guess which two pop divas are having the best week ever?! You got it – Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse.