Monthly Archives: August 2007

Anglo For Your Ear: PJ Harvey’s “Dress”

Super-super vintage PJ Harvey from way back in 1992. She rocked like hell back then.

Hugh Laurie Snubbed as Emmy Host. Also: Sienna Miller Flips Out.

Hugh Laurie was almost named the host of this year’s Primetime Emmy telecast, reports Gold Derby‘s Tom O’Neil. The job ultimately went to Ryan Seacrest.

Tributes In Memory of Princess Diana 10 Years On

Certainly, there’s been no dearth of Princess Diana remembrances in recent days, but perusing the papers today, I’m surprised at the level of restraint. There’s been no attempt to mimic the ostentatious display of …

Anglo For Your Ear: Scritti Politti’s “Absolute”

We’re taking a Welsh diversion from our usual daily Anglo offering and including this 1985 Scritti Politti electropop gem, “Absolute.” Green Gartside‘s fey weirdness is beguiling, with his helium voice, his Star …

Courtney Love To Steve Coogan: Go Back To Brighton and Leave Us Alone

If there was any doubt that Courtney Love actually said those things about Steve Coogan, it’s been obliterated today: The Sun took a camera crew to L.A.

David Beckham Injured Again: Is His Career In Jeopardy?

During last night’s Galaxy game, unlucky David Beckham, who’s just getting over an ankle sprain, suffered a knee injury that could sideline him for six weeks and, worse yet, end his England career. (Euro qualifiers are …

Anglo For Your Ear: Sneaker Pimps’ “6 Underground”

For me, this song defines the 1990s much more than “Smells Like Teen Spirit” or anything Oasis or Blur put out. You could hardly set foot in an American mall in the late ’90s without hearing this song.

Outrageous Claim: Courtney Love Blames Steve Coogan For Owen Wilson’s Troubles

Courtney Love blames Steve Coogan‘s hard-partying influence for Owen Wilson‘s suicide attempt. “I tried to warn Owen. I tried to warn his friends.

Life On Mars Creators Developing New Show. Also: Pics From Simm and Glenister’s New Movie

Life On Mars creators Ashley Pharoah and Matthew Graham are developing a “sexy, accessible, and exciting” drama about archaeologists titled Bone Kickers.

Anglo For Your Ear: Lloyd Cole and the Commotions’
“Perfect Skin”

This guy is the thinking man’s rocker pin-up. He’s got the slick, dark-haired pout down, and he sings like a corn-fed country boy, but instead of shaking his hips, Lloyd Cole seduces you with words.