The Beckhams Hit the States, But Will America Give A Toss?

  • Sports Illustrated and W Magazine both herald the coming of Beckham.
  • British baller-turned-actor Vinnie Jones offers a word of warning to David Beckham: “There will be people going to the Galaxy who have never been to a football match in their lives and they won’t give a shit whether he plays well, badly or whatever because they won’t be watching the game. They’ll be watching him. But how long will that last? Personally I think that after maybe six months people will start thinking, ‘OK, we’ve done that now. What’s Lindsay Lohan up to?'”(Guardian)
  • The PR machine is in overdrive, but Victoria Beckham has her work cut out for her. US Weekly’s Melanie Bromley tells Reuters: “She is coming over here as a mega-star and there is all this buzz, but Americans are curious to know why. To have a new superstar for us to obsess about and analyze would be a welcome relief. But for Victoria to become one of those people, she will have to get some personality. At the moment, she’s a slightly two-dimensional character for Americans.”
  • Victoria Beckham at least has some self-awareness. “Have you seen Spice World? I don’t think I’m that good at acting.” Her singing isn’t much to listen to either, but that never stopped her.(The Sun)
  • The Spice Girls may record the single for BBC’s Children in Need charity program.(The Times)
  • The Sun twists the knife in Amy Winehouse.
  • Why don’t they shag and be done with it?: Stewart Copeland says he and Sting are still battling it out on The Police reunion, but they always kiss and make up afterward.(Gigwise)
  • Goldfrapp updates us on their new album.(Gigwise)
  • Alan McGee says Lennon lives on…in John‘s singer-songwriter son, Sean.(Guardian)
  • Chantelle reveals her heartache over her split with Preston in an interview with OK! Magazine. She says her moving away from her family to live with Preston in Brighton was a major reason for their divorce. “I found living in Brighton very hard…I had no family, no friends and it was a really hard time for me.” (Daily Mail)
  • An early photo of Kylie Minogue with David Tennant on Doctor Who. “The singer has been cast as Astrid, a waitress on the Titanic, in the show’s Titantic-themed Christmas special, ‘Voyage of the Damned’.”(Daily Mail)
  • Kylie Minogue made twice as much money the year she took off for cancer treatment than she did the previous year.(Mirror)
  • OK, I’m a huge Morrissey fan, and even I think this is a bit bonkers: fans are urging people to boycott sponsors of the The Late Show with David Letterman over a gag on the show that some viewers found insulting to His Mozness. Read the absolutely cuckoo missive that’s making the Internet rounds: it will surely tickle your ribs.
  • Take That‘s song, “Rule The World,” for the movie Stardustis already garnering Oscar buzz.(The Sun)
  • More speculation on Sienna Miller and P. Diddy as Sienna arrives in New York to promote Stardust.(Daily Mail)
  • Daniel Radcliffe to prospective lady loves: Don’t call me Harry Potter if you want to ride the broomstick.(The Sun)
  • Desperately Seeking Susan, the 1985 movie responsible for launching Madonna’s film career, will be made into a West End musical. It will ironically feature Blondie songs instead of Madonna‘s hits like “Into the Groove.”(Guardian)
  • British CDs saw a ten percent downtick in sales.(BBC)
  • More news on Snow Patrol keyboardist Tom Simpson‘s arrest: he and a friend were nicked for coke possession in Glasgow earlier this year. Simpson failed to show up for a court date, which is why he was arrested over the weekend.(BBC)
  • Danielle Lloyd enjoyed a “marathon sex session” with rapper 50 Cent last weekend, reports The Mirror. “We’re told: ‘Danielle was bragging to pals about how big he was – all over. She said he’s a mega-star in more ways than one.’ And according to a bystander: ‘She looked a bit wobbly after her late night.'”
  • James Blunt talks about that time he tried to sell his sister into white slavery on eBay. Good times.(Playlouder)
  • Elton John says that before he met David Furnish, he couldn’t do simple things for himself, like “work a washing machine.”(Playlouder)
  • Lily Allen hits back at critics who claim she’s faking a street image.
    (Contact Music)
  • Allen actually has become something of a teenagers’ advocate, and she’s campaigning to get more funds allocated to youth projects.(The Sun)
  • I was going to post a link to yesterday’s Daily Mail story claiming that a pregnant Charlotte Church had split from Gavin Henson due to alleged infidelity. The article at the Mail website was swiftly pulled, however, so I knew something had happened. Starpulse reports that Charlotte and Gavin both deny a split and that Charlotte may file a complaint against the London Lite paper, which started all this mess.
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