Monthly Archives: July 2007

If Eddie Murphy Won’t Play Nice, Mel B. Will Play Nasty

If you thought the DNA results would signal the end to this tawdry tale, think again: Spice Girl Melanie Brown has been seen out-and-about with high-powered LA attorney Gloria Allred, and rumors abound of a major paternity suit against …

Anglo For Your Ear: Sugababes’ “Overload”

The original and finest lineup: Mutya, Keisha, Siobhan. They seemed so young, so happy, so united here in 2000.

Who Needs Homophobes When You’ve Got Rupert Everett?

Openly gay actor Rupert Everett says his fellow ‘mos make bad adoptive parents.(Towleroad)

Report: Madonna Berates Film Crew Over Baby “Insult”

The Mirror reports that Madonna berated two female crew members on the set of her husband Guy Ritchie‘s film, RocknRolla.

Anglo For Your Ear: Roxy Music’s “In Every Dream Home a Heartache”

It’s the song that anticipated Love Me, Love My Doll by almost 35 years (“Inflatable doll/My role is to serve you…”): a sweaty, intense-looking Bryan Ferry intones the lyrics, building up to the lusty climax at …

New Order Has Not Split, Say Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris

Oh, drama: back in May, New Order bassist Peter Hook announced that the band had broken up. Now, it appears he was simply running off at the mouth.

Ogle Without Guilt: Daniel Radcliffe Is a Legal Piece of Tail

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is now 18 and finally has access to his £20m fortune. Hope your flight’s booked.(Guardian)

Anglo For Your Ear: Beth Orton’s “Stolen Car”

Clearly, they spent about a nickel on this video (those roses at the end look like the most expensive thing in the whole clip), but Orton makes up for it in a witty satire of MTV melodrama. And who needs production values with a song …

“Man vs. Wild” Star Bear Grylls “Faked” Survival Techniques?

Former British Special Service officer Bear Grylls, host of Man vs. Wild, is the latest victim of the new media witchhunt for big fakers.

Kate Nash To Critics: Stop Comparing Me to Lily Allen!

Rihanna may have spent her tenth week at No. 1 on the UK pop charts – a record for this century – but it’s Kate Nash‘s name that’s on everyone’s lips this weekend.