Meet Your Next Sam Tyler: Keeley Hawes Joins Life On Mars Sequel

The rumors have been floating around the Internet for some time now, but today it’s been confirmed: Keeley Hawes, star of MI-5 and The Best Man, will play Gene Hunt’s partner in Ashes To Ashes, the 1980s-set sequel to Life On Mars. She’ll play DI Alex “Posh Knickers” Drake. Hawes says, according to Contact Music, “I’m thrilled to be playing Alex. She’s a fantastic character and will be a force to be reckoned with as far as Gene Hunt is concerned; the two of them locking horns in the Eighties will certainly be a sight to behold, never mind the shoulder pads.”It’s pretty damn ace casting; Hawes is great at conveying steeliness without sacrificing her femininity. Can’t wait to see her go toe-to-toe with Philip Glenister.

Hawes is shown above with her dishy husband and MI-5 co-star, Matthew Macfayden.

Also in the rumors-proven-true file, Kylie Minogue‘s going on Doctor Who, and here’s the photo to prove it.(Daily Mail)

In other news:

  • The filming of an explosion for Torchwood set off terrorist fears in Cardiff.(Digital Spy)
  • Tony Jordan, co-creator of Life On Mars, is holding a screenwriting competition in the UK.(The Stage)
  • The award-winning comedy The Thick Of It is back on the BBC.(Mirror)
  • Viewers want the BBC to be even more innovative, a report says. (BBC)
  • Who’s copying who?: BBC accuses ITV of “copycat” programming.(Guardian)
  • The success of Britain’s Got Talent has convinced ITV to order a full series for Saturday nights.(The Sun)
  • Simon Cowell would like to play a Bond villain, sources say.
    (Digital Spy)
  • Mark Ronson wants to do the next Bond theme with Amy Winehouse.(MI6)
Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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