Kirsten Dunst Parties Too Hard for North London

  • How to Lose Friends and Irritate Your neighbors: residents near Kirsten Dunst‘s new home in Islington, London have filed complaints about her alleged late-night parties.(Daily Mail)
  • Did the Dunst kick boyfriend Johnny Borrell out of her house because he was too messy? Just Jared says she didn’t – and has the photos to prove it.
  • More photos of Doctor Who star Billie Piper as a sexy call girl.
    (Daily Mail)
  • Kylie Minogue offered support to Doctor Who‘s David Tennant after his mother died from cancer earlier this month. Minogue is set to appear on the show later this year.(Mirror)
  • Princess Beatrice is photographed in a steamy clinch with her American boyfriend.(Daily Mail)
  • Phil Drabble, host of BBC’s One Man And His Dog, has died at age 93, according to BBC.
  • Pelé calls David Beckham, who is still out with an ankle injury, “more of a pop star than a player.” Ouch.(BBC)
  • Vinnie Jones: Becks ain’t so special, the LA Galaxy scouted me, too.
    (The Sun)
  • Why would an Oscar-winning actress like Helen Mirren star in National Treasure: Book of Secrets? “It’s a big movie and takes a lot of time,” she tells Variety. “But it’s good fun. This type of material doesn’t encourage introspection like The Queen. It’s a very proactive kind of script, and you’re not worrying about what is the deeper meaning of all this.”
  • The Office‘s Ricky Gervais will perform before an 8,000-strong sellout crowd at Edinburgh Castle. “It’s the biggest single date I have done with just me. But I’ve played bigger scale things with other people, such as Live 8. But 8,000 tickets … I do that in two days anyway. I think I’ve done 100,000 tickets in London. It doesn’t mean much. What is impressive for me is that I am the first comedian to do the castle.”(Daily Record)
  • Heroes hunk Sendhil Ramamurthy (who you’ll see on Ultimate Force on BBC AMERICA in September) fakes a steamy kiss with co-star Greg Grunberg to celebrate his AfterElton Hot 100 status.
  • Kumars star Sanjeev Bhaskar visited India for a documentary.(Telegraph)
  • Kool kat Michael Caine will release Cained, a compilation of his favorite “chill-out music.”(The Times)
  • Sesame Street will be remade for Northern Ireland viewers, according to The Stage: “Along with familiar Sesame Street characters such as Elmo and Cookie Monster, new characters will be created for a Northern Irish audience.”
  • Can you apply Gordon Ramsay‘s advice from Kitchen Nightmares to a web agency, or any other business for that matter?
  • J.K. Rowling imagines what the future holds for her Harry Potter characters.(Scotsman)
  • I’d barely digested the news that Ingmar Bergman had passed away when I heard today that Michelangelo Antonioni had died. The Italian director has made many masterpieces, including his contribution to British cinema, 1966’s Blow-Up, starring the dishy David Hemmings in tight white jeans. Here’s a clip from that movie.
Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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