Anglo For Your Ear: Jesus Jones’ “Info-Freako”

OK, we all know their hit, “Right Here, Right Now”, but you may surprised to know there’s more to Jesus Jones than that one-hit wonder. They were great innovators in combining rock with hip-hop, as shown with this song, “Info Freako” from 1989 (!). And, seriously, how cute was lead singer Mike Edwards? His beauty was enough for them to deserve a second hit.

Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks founded's Anglophenia blog back in 2005 and has been translating British culture for an American audience ever since. While not British himself - he was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri - he once received inordinate hospitality in London for sharing the name of a dead but beloved EastEnders character. His Anglophilia stems from a high school love of Morrissey, whom he calls his "gateway drug" into British culture.

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