Actor Idris Elba Barnstorms Hollywood. Also: Sienna Trying To Get Back with Jude?

  • Hunky Idris Elba (The Wire) will star opposite singer Jill Scott in a TV series based on the The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective novels. Anthony Minghella will direct scripts he co-wrote with Richard Curtis, and shooting will take place in Botswana.(Daily Mail)
  • Here’s Idris Elba, decked out in a suit, playing the late, great Stringer Bell on The Wire on YouTube. Can you believe this man is British? And so, so hot…
  • Did Sienna Miller recruit Keira Knightley to help her “bump” into her former flame, Jude Law, at a White Stripes concert? A Daily Mail spy says, “Sienna was like a little girl, she was all giggly and was clearly trying to impress Jude. She brought Keira along for a bit of moral support – and so she didn’t turn up alone and look silly.”
  • A preview of the Princes’ interview with Matt Lauer. (MSNBC)
  • The producers of Britain’s Got Talent respond to the show’s popularity on YouTube. “It is amazing that within 20 minutes of being on air they are on YouTube. I don’t know how people are doing it.”(Telegraph)
  • Simon Cowell asked Louis Walsh to return to X-Factor, reports The Sun‘s Victoria Newton, but Walsh turned him down.
  • Gemma Atkinson, formerly of In the City, scorches it up in a teeny-weeny bikini.(The Sun)
  • What’s a footballer to do?: Wayne Rooney has to decide which of the four WAG weddings he’ll go to this weekend.(Contact Music)
  • The WAGs aren’t the only ones getting hitched this weekend: Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster will finally make it legal tomorrow. But will Rod’s son Sean‘s legal troubles cast a pall on the festivities?(Daily Mail)
  • Jaime Murray of Hustle will take a recurring role on Showtime’s serial killer drama, Dexter.(Hollywood Reporter)
  • J.K. Rowling will tour America in support of the final Harry Potter book.(EW)
  • Get your drag queens, your Muscle Marys, your lesbian bikers, and your Doctor Who at London Gay Pride.(The Sun)
  • Did the BBC censor a rerun of the ’70s sitcom Porridge in fear of offending homosexual viewers?(Daily Mail)
  • Big Brother has already opened a race dialogue in Britain, but are viewers ready for a spot of man-on-man action in the house?What about a full-on circle jerk?
  • Imogen Lloyd Webber can’t seem to find men who aren’t total cokeheads.(Daily Mail)
Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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