Monthly Archives: May 2007

Round Three: Cheryl Tweedy Shoots Back at Lily Allen

Cheryl Tweedy of Girls Aloud and Lily Allen continue their little back-and-forth in the press. The ball’s in Ms.

Winehouse to Wed? Also: Mick Jagger Responds to Jerry Hall’s Claims

Will Amy Winehouse marry Blake Fielder-Civil in Miami this weekend? (The Sun)

Prince Harry’s Iraq Tour a No-Go. Plus: The Gordon Ramsay Movie, Winslet and DiCaprio

Prince Harry will NOT serve in Iraq, the British army general said today. (Guardian)

Peter Andre’s Slow Recovery Thwarts Jordan’s Sex Life

Jordan talks about how Peter Andre‘s recovery from meningitis: “We have not been able to have sex yet. I can’t move and he is too ill – we are as bad as each other!

Michael Fassbender (Hex’s Azazeal) Stars in Oscar-Bait Role

Lily Allen Comes Out of Her Funk Swinging!

You can’t keep Lily Allen down for long – c’mon, she’s The Sheriff‘s daughter, for chrissakes. After her somewhat alarming cry for help on her Myspace blog, fans rallied behind her and lifted her back to …

McFly, Eurovision Losers Scooch Storm the UK Top 10

I’ve already expressed my love for Brit boy-band McFly and their operatic single, “Transylvania.” Well, look see: it has debuted at No.

Say It Ain’t So: Krystle Whoops Alexis’ Ass For Real!

I grew up watching Dynasty, so reading this story is a little like being a kid and seeing your dad get beaten up by your next-door neighbor: Joan Collins and her formerco-star/rival Linda Evans were on tour together in the play …

Mr. and Mrs. Sting Got Stung in Sex-Discrimination Lawsuit

Sting and Trudie Styler (Love Soup) have lost a substantial sex-discrimination lawsuit against former chef Jane Martin, who claims she suffered abuse from the couple and was fired after she became pregnant.”Miss Styler, it was …

Tony Blair: Don’t Let the Door Hit Ya…

So, Tony Blair‘s stepping down on June 27th, ushering in a whole new era in British politics. You might think today would be a moment of reverence and thoughtful reflection, but mostly, British papers are focusing on what a sh*t …