Michael Fassbender (Hex’s Azazeal) Stars in Oscar-Bait Role

If Michael Fassbender‘s role in the blockbuster 300 didn’t convince you he was going places, check out today’s news from Variety:

“Hunger,” co-financed by Film4, the Northern Ireland Film Commission and the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland, is an impressionistic interpretation of the last six weeks in the life of Bobby Sands, the IRA hunger striker who died in the Maze prison in 1981.

Michael Fassbender (“300″) will star as Sands.

Film fans may recognize that the story behind Sands’ hunger strike was previously told in Some Mother’s Son, starring Helen Mirren. Hunger appears to have more avant-garde aspirations; its director, Steve McQueen, is a Turner Prize-winning artist of video installations. But roles like Sands are the stuff Oscars are made of, and Fassbender, with his probing blue eyes and sinister, Cheshire-cat grin, has the intensity to pull it off.

Meanwhile, Season Two of Hex premieres June 2nd.

Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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