Former EastEnders Actress Michelle Ryan Bashed by U.S. Critics

  • Poor Michelle Ryan: the British actress has gotten bad reviews for her “joyless” Bionic Woman. Maybe someone forgot to tell her she wasn’t actually on EastEnders anymore.(Contact Music)
  • Speaking of EastEnders, things are apparently dire, with The Guardian and The Stage penning articles on just how bad things have become over in Albert Square.
  • Keira Knightley and director Joe Wright argued fiercely over which character she should play in Atonement, the actress says. I don’t quite buy that they “almost came to blows,” which Contact Music suggests.
  • Regarding the new space drama Outcasts, The Stage‘s Mark Wright says, “Kudos and the BBC need to look to Battlestar Galactica as their blueprint. It might have space battles, but it has a sheen of reality that’s rare in science-fiction television. Make Outcasts about real people and real situations that have resonance, then it might just have a chance.”
  • Nothing comes between Malcolm McDowell and his Liverpool Football Club. Not even promoting his documentary at Cannes.(Hollywood Reporter)
  • The Sun has excerpted the Big Brother transcripts Channel 4 released yesterday featuring racist taunts from Jack Tweed about Shilpa Shetty.


Kevin Wicks

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