Monthly Archives: May 2007

Kim Cattrall Set to Sex Up Kipling Drama Alongside Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe has already been cast as Rudyard Kipling‘s doomed son in an ITV drama. We’re fine with that. But guess who’s playing his mother?

Noooo! Could Russell T. Davies Quit Doctor Who?

It’s looking more likely than ever that Russell T. Davies will leave Doctor Who after the fourth series.

Camilla Documentary Will Probe the Duchess’ Sex Life

A Channel 4 documentary will delve into the “in’s and out’s” of Camilla‘s sex life. There are a lot of things I’d like to learn about before I die; somehow this fails to make the list.

Andrew “Large Weapon” Says The “Big Package” Rumors Are True

News we probably didn’t need to know, at least before eating lunch: Andrew Lloyd Webber told Jonathan Ross that ex-wife Sarah Brightman‘s assessment of his package is “entirely true. My trousers don’t fit me …

Britons Love Bollywood. Race-Mixing? Not So Much…

Why are the Bollywood “Oscars” being held in Sheffield of all places? “For British filmgoers, Bollywood is a more popular non-Hollywood genre than European arthouse movies, and its titles now regularly appear in UK …

Right Said Fred Singer Attacked in Moscow: Watch Video.

Right Said Fred frontman Richard Fairbrass and activist Peter Tatchell were among the marchers assaulted by right-wing extremists during a march in Moscow on Sunday. (Towleroad has the most extensive coverage of the events.

Former EastEnders Actress Michelle Ryan Bashed by U.S. Critics

Poor Michelle Ryan: the British actress has gotten bad reviews for her “joyless” Bionic Woman. Maybe someone forgot to tell her she wasn’t actually on EastEnders anymore.

Paul McCartney: John Lennon “Spoiled” Me

Paul McCartney says he was “spoiled” by John Lennon and every musician he’s worked with since has been a let-down. From the BBC: “It’s a funny subject the collaboration thing because I collaborated with …

UK TV Network Slapped Down for ‘Racist’ TV Show

Ofcom, the British media watchdog, has implicatedUK broadcaster Channel 4 in the Celebrity BigBrother racismcontroversy involving Shilpa Shetty and herabuse at the hands of Jade Goody, DanielleLloyd, and Jo O’Meara. The network …

The Makers of MI-5 and Life On Mars Head To Outer Space

Kudos Productions – the peoplebehind Life On Mars,Hustle (see above), and MI-5 – is possibly the mostconsistent producer of quality TV drama on the planetright now. That’s why I’m beside myself with glee atthe …