Paolo Nutini Isn’t a Drunk, He’s Just…Charming.

Singer-songwriter Paolo Nutini responds in The Daily Record to a flurry of media reports claiming that he was sloppy-drunk at a gig earlier this week:

“I’m surprised people comment about my drinking.

“I’m a young guy and I’ve been on the road for a year since the album came out but I’m not drinking to excess. I’m drinking in moderation.

“At one point I was drinking too much and falling into the rock-star-on-the-road cliché.

“Then I got stomach acid problems and, because of that, I’ve reduced my drinking in order to play gigs every night.”

OK, the old Ashlee Simpson-tested acid reflux excuse exonerates him from boozehound allegations…so why does Paolo seem so, well, slurry? It’s just the way he is, he says: “I naturally mumble anyway so maybe they think I’m a drunk, mumbling Scotsman. That’s fine – I’ve met many in my time and it has only added to their charm.”

Check out my interview with Mr. Nutini from the Brit Awards carpet. Does he set off your drunkdar? Blasted or sober, the guy’s a stone-cold charmer and a precociously talented musician.

Meanwhile, Paolo Nutini doesn’t like The Fratellis‘ attitude.(Contact Music)

Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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