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British Singer Sues Beyonce Knowles

New York’s Toughest Critic Loves “Hot Fuzz”

The cantankerous New York Press film critic, Armond White, is not known for gushing over the usual awards-season darlings. He regularly takes a big stinky dump on everyone from Todd Haynes to Michael Mann to Sacha Baron Cohen.

“Life On Mars” Star John Simm Is Angry

Actor John Simm has expressed anger with the BBC about their handling of Life On Mars' second season and finale, according to an interview with The Daily Telegraph. After the network cut the show's budget for Season Two, Simm …

The U.S. Dollar’s Taking a Pounding. Plus: ‘Posh’ Lessons.

As if London weren't expensive enough, a British pound will now officially cost you more than two American smackeroos. (BBC)

The Virginia Tech Massacre: The British Perspective

U.S. news coverage/commentary of yesterday’s tragedy has become so repetitive and fatiguing that it may be useful to gather perspective from other news sources. Here’s some of the coverage from the UK:

“Footballers Wive$” Star Zoe Lucker Returns To TV. Also: “Life On Mars”

Footballers Wive$ vixen Zoe Lucker will shed her Tanya Turner talons for HolbyBlue, an innovative police drama from the makers of Life On Mars, MI-5, and Hustle. Lucker will play “a police wife and civilian worker” on what …

Telegraph’s Top 21 British Directors of All-Time

The film critics over at The Daily Telegraph have gotten together and selected who they feel are the 21 best British directors of all-time. How they settled on the 21 is a big mystery, although they say “whittling the list down …

Bryan Ferry Blasted for Praising Nazi Aesthetics

The former Roxy Music frontman has come under attack for comments made in a German magazine. Apparently, he finds those Nazis quite snappy, really, remarking, “The way in which the Nazis stage-managed and presented themselves, …

It’s Over for Kate and William

A nation’s hopes and dreams were dashed this weekend: in a real shocker, Prince William and Kate Middleton announced they were calling it quits. Let’s get right to the media hysteria:

19-Year-Old Writer Gets His Own BBC Sitcom

In news that will make all you recent college grads feel even more washed-up, a 19-year-old writer has just had a sitcom commissioned by the BBC! His name is Tim Dawson, and his show, naturally titled Coming of Age, follows five young …