Sean Bean Ain’t So Tough

  • Sean Bean says he’s no Mr. Tough Guy in his Independent 5-minute interview. The biggest misconception about him, he says, is “that I am a tough, rough northerner, which I suppose I am really. But I’m pretty mild-mannered most of the time. It’s the parts that you play I guess. I don’t mind it. I’m not a tough guy. I’d like to act as a fair, easy-going, kind man at some point.”
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal is now rumored to be taking on the Katie Holmes role in the new Batman. Emily Blunt has been previously tossed around as a replacement.
  • A new Scared Straight-type reality series will send British troublemakers to rough American prisons.
  • Will Madonna‘s former nanny pen a tell-all?
  • Kate Winslet has settled for “substantial” libel damages from Grazia magazine, who said she’d consulted a diet doctor.(BBC)
  • Look what you can find down in the Tube station at midnight: an unpublished manuscript written by Jeanette Winterson.(BBC)
  • David Beckham hobbled on crutches as he accompanied wife Victoria on a shopping spree.
  • From Tanya, who has found a new obsession in Gawker: A New York City eatery is campaigning to have the area around it re-named Little Britain and a famous UK writer asks, What’s it like to be British in New York City?. Also: Ricky Gervais and Chris Martin duet in a DVD deleted scene from Extras.
  • A new high-speed train from London to continental Europe will start a real-estate boom amongst British buyers in northern France, experts tell The Times.
Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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