Ricky Gervais Romances You in a New Movie

Ricky Gervais will play “a leading role in a Hollywood romantic comedy,” reports BBC. Looking at the photo the BBC selected, are we quite sure he’s not playing the female lead?

I’m just sayin’.

The comments here are not endorsed by BBC AMERICA and are solely and fully the opinions of one Mr. Kevin Wicks, who is going straight to hell. We love you long time, Ricky!

In other news:

  • Tanya Bower sends me this: following in Posh and Becks’ big footsteps, Jordan and Peter Andre will get their own American reality show.
  • Victoria Beckham hopes that the huge leather belt she’s wearing distracts from her lack of bra. And I’m sorry, Becks just looks sloppy with his shirttail half out. Why are these two considered attractive again?(The Sun)
  • Snoop Dogg‘s visa trouble has forced him and P. Diddy to cancel their UK tour. And the poor children lose in the end.(BBC)
  • Shirley Bassey is playing Glastonbury? Awesome. (BBC)
  • Kirsten Dunst “has made herself at home” at Johnny Borrell‘s London flat.(The Sun)
  • From The Sun: Girls Aloud‘s Nadine Coyle to Jesse Metcalfe: “I’ll stand by you.”
  • Hugh Grant and Jemima Khan are so back on, according to The Sun.
  • Refusing to do the “Some Everyday Objects” interview, The Fratellis play “Vince Was a Loveable Stoner” in a Guardian video.
  • Idolator hearts UK indie band, Electric Soft Parade. And they have some free mp3s, so get on it.
  • The Guardian steps into the Coronation Street/EastEnders rivalry. Is it surprising they prefer Corrie? “The EastEnders writing team have no understanding of the characters they’ve created. They don’t like them, they don’t trust them, and (most of all) they don’t credit them with any intelligence at all.”
  • A Corrie star has been suspended for berating fans while drunk. (BBC)
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